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Myrto Prokopiou


Jewellery is not your usual piece of object-not the brush you use every morning on your

hair. It is symbolic and alive.

Making jewellery is about taking the energy from your hands and mind at a certain

moment, putting it into an object and letting it out into the world so it can travel, meet

people, end up who-knows- where.

I'm a very curious person and happily enough, I still get l excited like a child with new

discoveries. Ι like many things: building structures, rocks, dramatic landscapes, satellite

photos of the earth, learning about rituals and habits of different cultures, filtered light,

melted metal, noticing things that are not obvious on first look.

I love cracks, breakages, extreme points, hidden voids, whatever the material brings out

when stressed, surprised, confined. So a main guide of my work, is testing the limits - I

love doing that, too.

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