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Helmi Lindblom



Years ago, my kindergarten was only 100 meters away from dad´s workshop. The fence guarding our playground had big holes and for a short while it became a habit of mine to flee into the workshop and create things under a big table -until I was discovered and returned to daycare, that is. Now my gate to the making isn't a physical hole in the fence as creativity, in general, has grown to be my rabbit hole: space where I find my reality.

I'm fascinated by the beauty in oddity. My work circles around personal feelings, surprising materials, color and tactility. Surfaces and colors form a body that speaks to fingertips but titillates the eye. Tactility inspires me and playfulness is a place where I want the person to stop and indulge.

I feel that touchable art is a way to bring art closer to everyday life.
/ Helmi Lindblom

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