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Fan He


Fan He is a jewellery designer and object maker from China. She graduated from the

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology with a bachelor's degree in 2019 and a

master's degree in jewellery and metal from the Royal College of Art in 2022.

Inspired by her observations, she uses the language of jewellery to respond to the

surrounding things from a humanistic perspective. Exploring the narrative and formal

possibilities of materials based on clues has become her usual creative method. Her

work often reflects her thinking as a member of society and community.


The number gradually increases, thin and thick, fragile and hard. The stacking of

materials is a repetitive ritual, and the shaping of materials is a change from

quantitative to qualitative. With the help of repeated actions and focused thinking,

people will come up with the answers they want and expose the deep truth. We should

believe in that essence - the self. Through the narrative of the material, we

discuss the process from the establishment of belief to awakening, and return the

excessive reliance on belief to the focus on oneself

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Fan He

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