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Constantine Lisakovskiy 


My name is Constantine. I am the inventor of the unique technology and creator of all FLORA jewelry.
I love plants from my early childhood. At around 6 years old I had already gathered my herbarium and admired the beauty and diversity of the living world.
And I always loved minerals and metals. Also since my childhood.
I graduated as botanist and chemist, I have worked in the chemical and biotechnological industry. And 7 years ago I fulfilled my dream - to combine three
hobbies of my childhood - plants, minerals and metals into a single new product - FLORA jewelry.
Over the years, I have come up with many thousands of jewelry. I even managed to turn into metal real air Dandelion!
People love the variety of FLORA jewelry, so the business was going good. We had two offline stores (Kyiv and Lviv) and we were developing the lines of
decor and objects.
And then they started bombing us.
We escaped from Kyiv with all jewelry we had in stock. Now we are in a small village on Western Ukraine. We were exchanging the jewelry on the
donations to the charity organizations, now we are selling them to help local community, and to continue our living - we don’t have any other income.
My dream was to capture in a precious form as many plants, growing on our beautiful planet, as possible, maybe even all of them.
I will pursue this dream and I will fulfill it.
We just have to win this war.
And we will.
Best regards, Constantine Lisakovskiy.

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