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Agustina Ros


My artistic process started when meeting matter and techniques that allowed me to achieve a

bridge to my ideas. Glass has fascinated me with its layers of infinite translucency. When forging it, I subtly accompany it in the transformation that I wish, that allows me to agree with it. It is all accomplished by the fire, my element by nature; the element that represents me and the one I understand.

My creations are made in borosilicate glass, modeled and blown by the technique of

flameworking. Some are worked with fine metal fuming (gold and silver), and by carving and polishing generates faceted.

Finally, to transform it into jewelry, a piece that plays a role with the body that carries it; that what makes it unique, from the process of its creation until its artistic and utilitarian final.

My jewelry is forged by collections that represent a concept, inspired in my native land, Misiones-


Its sceneries, its wetness, the heat, the jungle, the water, the ruby red of its trails are constantly

present in my work.

I search the organic and the geometric; I love transparency and I play with colour details to

generate focal points.

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